Audited and Certified

Registered ISO 9001

Single Source Supplier

Since 1992
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Audited and Certified

Registered ISO 9001

Single Source Supplier

Since 1992


Our experience in multiple industries ensures a high degree of quality and reliability resulting in long term customer satisfaction worldwide.

robots welding in an automobile factory


The automotive industry continues to advance, but the primary goals remain the same: operate efficiently and produce faster. We can help manufacturing flexibility and improve integration. Our experience allows us to provide our customers with reliable service.
Plastic water bottles on conveyor and water bottling machine industry


We have established our experience in various applications as a highly competent supplier of automation tooling for the plastics industry and expanded to meet the requirements of the plastics industry.
Robotic arm for packing.


Packaging —large and small—make most consumer packaged goods possible. Our packaging solutions produce products at a rate that makes them viable, while being efficient and flexible.
The AIM (Automatic Inspection Machine) is a fully automatic system that is capable of detecting particulate matter in liquid as well as inspect for cosmetic container defects of vials and ampoules.


We provide turnkey automation systems for assembling and handling cosmetics that are designed to suit the rapid product changes in the cosmetics industry.
Shot of drug bottles on a conveyor.


Our experience helps you ensure quality control in the production of pharmaceuticals. Our automation and robotics solutions can help minimize risk, increase productivity, and reduce time to market.
Industrial welding automotive in thailand


We integrate robotic welding equipment and automated welding systems to help you decrease manufacturing costs, increase quality, improve productivity and enhance your working environment.